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terça-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2012

Apanhado em flagrante a matar Corvos á Paulada....

OneKind worried by crown decision to classify evidence of wildlife killing as "inadmissible"
February 2012. Animal welfare charity OneKind, formerly Advocates for Animals, has released video footage of a gamekeeper killing wild birds in a cage, following Crown Counsel's decision not to prosecute.

Prosecutors decided that evidence submitted by a OneKind Field Officer was inadmissible. In their judgment his presence on the estate concerned amounted to surveillance, and in one previous wildlife case this had caused a court to reject evidence from witnesses. OneKind has stated throughout this case that the Field Officer was on the land gathering material for educational purposes unrelated to the incident, which he witnessed by chance.
No appeal
Libby Anderson, acting Chief Executive of OneKind, said: "Wildlife crime is an increasing and serious issue and this decision can only send out the wrong message about cruelty to our wild birds and animals. We requested the Lord Advocate to review the decision not to prosecute but have been told that the decision is final. We believe it is now necessary for the law to clarify the circumstances under which evidence concerning wildlife offences - which are very often observed by chance when people have access to the countryside - can be admitted."
The OneKind Field Officer was able to record the killing of the birds, which prosecutors interpreted as surveillance, as it is standard practice for a Field Officer to carry photographic equipment and it was not taken there specifically to film the gamekeeper at work. The Scottish Government-led Partnership Against Wildlife Crime (PAW) Scotland has recently published guidance for the public on reporting suspected wildlife crimes, including recommendations for looking out for suspicious vehicles, taking photographs and taking notes of exact locations.

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